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How effective is it?

A recent Infotrends study has shown that digital signage display have 47% more effectiveness and achieve 4-9 times better ROI than advertising through radio, newspapers, internet, TV, magazines, or outdoor advertising. ImageNet offers a wide range of LCD display and digital signage solutions and services to provide our customers the capability to communicate that information in a more dynamic, visible and spectacular way.

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What does this mean for educators?

The rapid adoption of mobile devices, the "consumerization" of IT and various Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) strategies are all presenting challenges for educators. For one, these tools are infrastructure costs which represent only a fraction of the total costs. The management and solutions around this infrastructure are where the true cost and complexity lie. However, this also creates opportunity for educators to revolutionize the learning experience by making students active participants in the learning process.

In order to implement these solutions, ImageNet has partnered with leaders like Samsung and HP to offer what we call a Smart Classroom.

What is a smart classroom?

The Smart Classroom addresses the following key areas:

1. Engagement

Creating an interactive classroom and learning environment that results in better student engagement and academic performance.

2. Efficiency

Helping teachers more efficiently manage their classrooms and student's learning.

3. Technology

Enabling schools to smoothly implement and manage a technology-driven and packaged educational solution.

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